Why traditional camera monitoring is not enough?

Iltalehti told about a ski resort entrepreneur from Central Finland, who suffered significant damages, when thieves broke into the skiing equipment storage. The damage caused by the thieves was substantial. They stole thousands of euros in cash.

”This is a very significant amount of money. We are talking about thousands of euros. The first week of winter holidays is spent to recover from the losses. I was surprised that the thieves didn’t take any of the small electronics from the building”, the entrepreneur explains.

Thieves struck during the weekend

The ski resort entrepreneur noticed the theft when getting back to office on Sunday morning. The entrepreneur saw signs of breaking in on the door. Also, the wires had been ripped off from two surveillance cameras installed in the area. However, the thieves had been caught by the third camera. The entrepreneur was pleased that he had installed the cameras only a week before.

”I installed the surveillance cameras on February 14th, so last Tuesday. They proved useful straight away”, the entrepreneur said according to Iltalehti.

Iltalehti published the news on 20 February 2017

”In my opinion, the identification of the thieves based on the surveillance camera footage published in the newspaper will be extremely difficult if not impossible. The thieves had covered their faces, so the police investigation will most likely take a long time. The stolen property is unlikely to be recovered”, Fidera’s Managing Director Mikko Jalonen says.

The thieves mentioned in the news hit their target in the night between Saturday and Sunday. The theft was discovered in the following morning. Even though the theft was discovered first thing in the morning, the thieves had a significant head start.

Is camera monitoring for intimidating or for preventing thefts?

A traditional camera monitoring might intimidate potential thieves, but it has limitations in preventing thefts. The footage received from the cameras facilitates the investigation, but any stolen property is most likely lost. Finding and acquiring replacement for lost equipment or tools take precious time.

”Fidera’s camera monitoring solution detects unauthorized persons within the monitored area and gives an alarm in real time. In this way, the thieves are caught in the act, and the property remains protected”, Jalonen describes. On the same note, he emphasises other advantages in using the system.

”During day time, the system can be used for automatic access control. This eliminates the need to invest in overlapping systems”, Jalonen concludes.

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Monitoring service ”Valvonta+” from 149 euros/month

  • Surveillance camera installed at the site records footage into a web server
  • Web service is accessed via web browsers, and the service can be used to open camera streams
  • Surveillance camera footage of detected movements from a period of 30 days
  • Detection of human figures in surveillance camera footage
  • Automatic alarms outside working or opening hours
  • BLE tag readers for employees, authorised personnel and materials

Options and products with extra charge:

  • Remote tags (extra protection for property, access control for personnel)
  • Additional cameras and detection points/areas for BLE tags
  • Equipment monitoring, tracking and operating time calculation
  • Android application for detection and inventory
  • Control room and alarm service