Video monitoring

videovalvonta, tavaravalvonta, henkilövalvonta
FideraID tags and Fidera Access solutions can be used to combine the data and recordings from conventional access control and video monitoring systems into a single, easy-to-use framework.

Video monitoring enhances the security at the worksite. Video monitoring gives an alarm, if unauthorised persons are detected in the area, and if tags are misused. It also monitors in real time for any mismatches between the movements of persons, materials and equipment at the monitored area.

Our system not only records video footage from the worksite for possible control at a later date, but it also allows you to verify automatically and in real time that only authorised persons are moving at the site and using the equipment.

Based on customer feedback, we expanded the system in the beginning of 2016 by adding surveillance cameras. This has helped us to broaden our clientele from construction sites to production facilities and premises, specially monitored sites and logistics terminals.

Apart from end users, Fidera also serves organisations providing security and guarding services. Fidera’s video monitoring ingeniously combines RFID tags with pattern recognition and motion detection.

Video monitoring can be installed to vehicle and personnel access gates

FID tags and automatic control can be integrated with the control system of every access gate generally available in Finland.

Fidera also provides you with domestically manufactured high-quality access gates for personnel and vehicles. We deliver the access gates, install and maintain them, and also remove them, if required, when the work at the site has been completed. All this is done on a turnkey basis.

Automatic gate together with access control makes the gate open automatically for a recognised vehicle and/or worker.

Automaattinen kulunvalvonta
Access gate at the worksite opens automatically, when an identified vehicle arrives at the monitored area. Identification takes place either via remotely read Fidera ID tags or the vehicle’s registration number, if video monitoring has been installed on the access gate.

Personnel tracking + asset tracking + video monitoring = product protection

Video monitoring can be easily integrated with personnel and asset tracking systems. You can ensure that only authorised persons are moving the tools. If an unauthorised or unidentified person moves the equipment, an alarm with video tags is recorded in our system.

Our product protection allows the system to give an alarm, if something is taken through the access gate either by a person without an ID card or authorisation to move the tool.

The system supports almost an unlimited amount of tags that differ in type, price range and application. These tags can be attached to numerous places, such as machines, equipment, materials, people and vehicles.

Videovalvonta Fidera
With Fidera ID tags, you can protect your equipment at the worksite and prevent unauthorised access to the area.