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Rakennuslehti magazine: Access control at work sites is now possible also remotely

Construction magazine Rakennuslehti wrote about Fidera’s automatic access control solution for construction sites. ”Reader devices placed at the site can remotely read the RFID tags from passing persons, when the tags are attached in safety helmets, for instance. This remote reading capability works also inside passing vehicles”, the magazine wrote in an article published in […]

Why traditional camera monitoring is not enough?

Iltalehti told about a ski resort entrepreneur from Central Finland, who suffered significant damages, when thieves broke into the skiing equipment storage. The damage caused by the thieves was substantial. They stole thousands of euros in cash. ”This is a very significant amount of money. We are talking about thousands of euros. The first week […]

Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy and Fidera join forces – remotely-read Valtti card

The Valtti card that is used for access control and identification at construction sites, is developed further with Fidera to enable remote reading features. Fidera Oy and Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy have entered into an agreement for testing the remote reading technology in actual situations with the customers. Remotely-read Valtti card will be available for general […]

The Act on the Contractor’s Liability fights against grey economy

The Act on the Contractor’s Liability has been taken into account in Fidera’s services. Fidera Oy’s personnel tracking and access control solutions have been extensively integrated with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy’s solutions and the service A Valtti card user can have all the advantages of remotely-read access control by partnering with Fidera in fulfilling the contractor’s […]

Automatic identification system tested in an orienteering competition

The automatic identification and camera monitoring system Fidera ID was literally put to test in the field, when the service was used in a regional orienteering competition for children and youth. The competition was organised by Turun Suunnistajat, and it was held in Raisio. This test is an example of Fidera Oy’s long-term development efforts that include […]

Fidera ID presented at HILLA Marine Industry and IoT Growth Mill seminar

Fidera’s partner Mikko Jalonen participated on 31 August in the Marine Industry and IoT Growth Mill seminar in Salo. Jalonen was invited to present Fidera’s service portfolio to the participants at the seminar. The participants included representatives from Nokia Corporation, Meyer Turku Oy and Rolls-Royce. Fidera’s services take the traditional IoT concept even further. The company’s development […]

Tackling worksite losses with technical monitoring and personnel identification

  According to a survey done by the Chamber of Commerce in Finland, worksite losses are the biggest problem in construction industry. The construction industry suffers from break-ins, thefts and vandalism more than other industries. The industry needs new methods that minimize the costs of these losses and make the business more profitable. Fidera ID […]

Fidera ID solutions for personnel tracking and access control used in metro station construction projects in Helsinki and Espoo

Fidera ID solutions have been widely used during the construction phase of Länsimetro. Various main contractors have deployed Fidera Oy’s personnel tracking and access control solutions in different construction sites within the metro station. Fidera offers automatic solutions to tackle different demands at the worksite. These include personnel tracking, access control, vehicle monitoring, asset tracking, meeting […]

Fidera’s webpage got a facelift

We renewed our webpage in order to better describe our expanded business. Fidera Oy has grown both in business and service side, and we want to serve our customers and partners even better than before. Latest updates are, for instance, implementing automatic video recognition and registration number identification in vehicles, collaboration with Stanley Security Oy and project […]