Fidera’s webpage got a facelift

Fideran verkkosivut uutisoi
Fidera’s customer projects and installations will be introduced in the future as news on the webpage. YIT’s construction site at Otaniemi metro station uses Fidera’s access control solution with integrated hand-held scanner for checking personnel certificates and worksite permissions.

We renewed our webpage in order to better describe our expanded business. Fidera Oy has grown both in business and service side, and we want to serve our customers and partners even better than before.

Latest updates are, for instance, implementing automatic video recognition and registration number identification in vehicles, collaboration with Stanley Security Oy and project partnership with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. We aim to expand our services even further.

Fidera’s customers include both organisations providing security and protection services, and also end users who require practical monitoring.

Fidera’s webpage presents the services as news

Fidera’s webpage will present Fidera Oy in a more dynamic, clear and customer-oriented manner. We have reduced the number of static pages, and divided the pages presenting Fidera’s services under four main categories:

  • Personnel tracking and access control and automatic access gates
  • Asset tracking and asset inventory
  • Video monitoring and vehicle identification
  • Contractor’s obligations and prevention of grey economy

Fidera’s webpage will provide the information in a more compact form and with fewer clicks. Even though our services are presented under different themes, Fidera ID solutions form an entity that connects all of these services into one framework. One service to rule them all. 

Apart from static theme pages, Fidera’s webpage provides information on our services as illustrative news. You can find easily understandable news on personnel and asset tracking, video monitoring and contractor’s obligations under each theme page, as well as from our home page.

Fidera’s webpage introduces the most versatile monitoring system in the market

Fidera Oy provides the most versatile automated monitoring system in the market to be used in personnel tracking, access control, work time monitoring, contractor’s obligations, asset tracking, warehouse inventory, video monitoring and security services. Our service can be cost-effectively scaled anywhere, be it a compact location or a massive construction site.

Fidera’s reliable and high-quality solutions are specifically developed to perform perfectly in the demanding conditions of Finland and Scandinavia. We are investing in fully automatic solutions. It saves workforce and reduces the risk of human error in critical locations.

Cost reductions by implementing Fidera’s solutions

Fidera’s unique technology expands the much discussed concept of Internet of Things into the Internet of Things, People and Services. Our technology enables automatic, cost-efficient tracking and monitoring that has the following advantages:

  • minimizing the amount of personnel required for monitoring or improving their efficiency
  • preventing thefts of products or materials
  • automating work time and task monitoring
  • automatically detecting unauthorised persons or other irregularities in the monitored areas.

Using the service can help end users achieve significant cost savings by enhancing, monitoring or tracking the usage of resources, as well as by monitoring thefts, losses, working times and access data.