Fidera Oy

We provide a fully automated access control system for monitoring personnel, assets, security and services.

Founded in 2013, Fidera Oy provides the most versatile automated monitoring system in the market to be used in personnel tracking, access control, work time monitoring, contractor’s obligations, asset tracking, warehouse inventory, video monitoring and security services. Due to its unique architecture, this Finnish solution is not only affordable, but also scalable to suit compact areas and complex construction sites alike. Our solution is widely used, for example, in Länsimetro’s construction sites.

Fidera has the support of a strong, Finnish partner network, as well as decades worth of experience in communications, technology and construction industries. The company is owned by its operational personnel.

Fidera Oy’s reliable and high-quality solutions perfom even in the most demanding conditions. They have been designed in Finland to endure harsh and changing conditions. Fidera focuses on fully automatic solutions for personnel, material, machinery or equipment tracking, as well as for inventories and theft prevention.

Our products can be used in every site, where the access to and from the site must be controlled with different systems. Our clientele includes both organisations providing security and guarding services, and also end users who require practical monitoring.

Fidera’s unique technology expands the Internet of Things into the Internet of Things, People and Services.

Fidera offers customers more efficient and fully automated monitoring solution that can help in

  • minimizing the amount of personnel required for monitoring or improving their efficiency
  • preventing thefts of products or materials
  • automating work time and task monitoring
  • automatically detecting unauthorised persons or other irregularities in the monitored areas

Using the service can help end users achive significant cost savings by enhancing, monitoring or tracking the usage of resources, as well as by monitoring thefts, losses, working times and access data.

Our core values are

  • Reliable operations
  • User-friendliness
  • High Finnish quality

Versatile systems for access control and monitoring in every sector

By using Fidera Oy’s solutions, you can take care of access control and work time monitoring of personnel, as well as verify the actual time the subcontractors have spent at the site. You can also track the movements of equipment and material in the worksite. Automatic video identification has been integrated with the system, and it alerts immediately, if unwanted persons are detected at the site.

Unlike many other tracking and monitoring systems developed for construction industry, Fidera Oy’s solutions can also be adapted to other applications, such as guarding and security, warehouse management, tracking equipment in hospitals or even major sporting events.

According to reports by the University of Turku in 2013 and Accelerando Oy in 2016, there are no solutions that would directly compete with Fidera’s automatic tracking and monitoring system. Also our clients’ own reports verify this observation made by the research institutions.

Reliable, user-friendly, Finnish

Entirely owned by the personnel, Fidera Oy is a 100% Finnish technology company. We have a reputation of listening to our clients. We are proud of every solution we create that allows our clients to further enhance their operations.

We can rely on our nation-wide and well-established partner network to provide services for our clients with competitive prices.

Fidera Oy’s values include reliable operations, user-friendliness and high Finnish quality.

Fidera is suitable for the following applications and many more:

      • Logistics companies (access gates, registration number identification, personnel and asset tracking, warehouse inventory)
      • Warehouses (access gates, registration number identification, personnel and asset tracking, warehouse inventory)
      • Security companies (access control, automatic access gates)
      • Health sector (access control, real time tracking of personnel and medical equipment)
      • Workplaces (automatic access control and work time monitoring, monitoring the invoicing of subcontractors)
      • Major sporting events (automatic timing, interval services)

As a Finnish service, Fidera’s solutions comply with EU’s Safe Haven -principle. The data relating to personnel and assets has been secured with Finnish servers, to which foreign officials have no access.

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