Fidera ID solutions for personnel tracking and access control used in metro station construction projects in Helsinki and Espoo

Fidera kulunvalvonta
Fidera ID solutions for assets, material, vehicle and personnel tracking, video monitoring and access control were widely used at Länsimetro construction site. Photo: Sami Niemelä, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Fidera ID solutions have been widely used during the construction phase of Länsimetro. Various main contractors have deployed Fidera Oy’s personnel tracking and access control solutions in different construction sites within the metro station.

Fidera offers automatic solutions to tackle different demands at the worksite. These include personnel tracking, access control, vehicle monitoring, asset tracking, meeting the requirements set in the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act, automatic access gates and video monitoring.

Diverse access control needs within the metro station project

Fidera ID solutions for personnel tracking and access control, as well as other services, were used in three different worksites at Länsimetro.

“Access control here at Lauttasaari metro station was effortless, both for the employees and Skanska. Our employees praised the fluency of the system. Fidera ID tags are attached on the helmets of each employee, so the information is recorded automatically and in real time in our access control system,” says the representative of the construction company Skanska.

Skanska used Fidera ID solution and its possibilities in a broad and diverse manner at Lauttasaari.

The solution enabled, for example, the identification of vehicles based on their registration numbers. However, this service was not utilized at this time. Fidera’s services allow automatic identification of vehicles based on their registration numbers. The personnel inside these vehicles are identified automatically, which speeds up the traffic to and from the worksite. Compared to traditional signing in at the access gates, this process is a lot faster. Employees don’t have to step out of the vehicles to clock in. The same automatic recording took place when exiting the worksite.

“This naturally ensures reliable tracking of subcontractors and the actual time they spend at the worksite. All this takes place in real time,” says Fidera Oy’s Managing Director Martti Kuutti. “This minimizes the risk of over-charging at the worksite,” he continues. Kuutti believes that the investment in Fidera’s scalable solutions can very quickly pay for itself through time-savings and other savings. “I am convinced that material and tool losses can be prevented by introducing the monitoring system.”

At Skanska’s worksite, it was possible to identify persons at the site with a hand-held Fidera ID scanner. “You could check with the hand-held scanner, whether a person’s certificates are valid or not, without going through a bunch of plastic cards,” Kuutti explains.

Fidera ID introduced in Länsimetro’s worksites at Soukka and Otaniemi

The other contractor, YIT, uses Fidera’s services in personnel tracking and access control at the Otaniemi metro station. The hand-held scanner is used at YIT’s worksite to identify personnel and check for permissions in the field. “If necessary, the hand-held scanner can be borrowed to a government official carrying out worksite inspections. In this way, the inspection doesn’t interrupt the actual work for too long,” muses Kuutti.

Skanska used Fidera ID also in the construction of the metro station at Soukka. The camera monitoring developed by Fidera, as well as its personnel tracking and access control solutions, were used at the Soukka metro station. “Many employees have mentioned, how effortless the service is. We have been very pleased with Fidera’s solutions,” sums up Skanska’s representative.