Contractor’s obligation

Fidera ja tilaajavastuu
Fidera Oy is an official partner of Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. You can use Valtti-card or Fidera ID tags to fulfil your contractor’s oblications with Fidera ID system.

Automatic recording of working hours and contractor’s obligations

According to the current regulations, the main contractor is responsible for the worksite reporting of his or her employees and subcontractors. With Fidera ID you can fulfil your contractor’s obligations easily, automatically and in compliance with the tax authorities’ requirements. Now you can forget separate clocking-in devices or mobile- or browser-based services. Fidera Oy is the only company in Finland that provides remotely read personnel and asset tracking, with which contractor’s obligations are taken care of for you.

Our solution automatically monitors the actual time that subcontractors spend at the worksite. The system cannot be fooled by not signing out from the worksite, because Fidera’s solution records also the movements of unauthorised persons at the site, and gives necessary alarms.

We are developing our systems with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy – Fidera takes you one step further in fighting grey economy

Fidera Oy is developing services with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy and Tilaajavastuu’s services are widely available in Fidera ID system. If you are already using Valtti-card you can get benefits of remotely read system by selecting Fidera as your partner in fulfilling your contractor’s obligations.

Fidera ID
Fidera ID tags help you to automatically identify persons, their certificates and tax information, as well as the tools and equipment at the worksite.

When Fidera ID has been integrated with our automatic access control and video monitoring, you’ll receive an alarm, when unidentified persons are present at the site. Recorded video footage linked to each identification instance makes it easier to clarify issues at a later date. Fidera has taken the fight against grey economy in a whole new level. Fidera is the only one to provide this solution in Finland.

Official partner of Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy

Apart from our technological partnership, Fidera is also an official partner of Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. Fidera ID can also send the information on working hours directly to the Tax Administration via service. Workers and subcontractors are automatically identified with their remotely read tags. Then our solution checks, whether the person has valid certificates and a Valtti card. The system gives an alarm, if something is unclear with the person’s information or if the identification has not been made. If there has been something strange during the identification, you can access a video linked to that particular situation.

When you choose Fidera, you can enhance your operations by minimizing manual signing in phases both for workers and service administrators. Fidera ID is fully automated. Now you can forget separate clocking-in devices and browser or mobile applications and become one of the forerunners.

We are also globally recognised as the technology leader in applying remotely read tags for personnel, asset and equipment tracking. Fidera handles the signing in and out process automatically at the worksite. We are developing Internet of Things and Internet of Services solutions that have been named as forerunners by the biggest operators in the industry. Fidera is the only system that handles the access of personnel, vehicles and materials in to and out of the worksite within a single solution.

Our solution is affordable. Even though we are technological forerunners, we can provide our solution also for the smallest operators in the industry for a very competitive price. Just call and ask for a quote!

Hand-held scanner for worksite monitoring and promoting occupational safety

Fidera provides an effective solution for mobile worksite monitoring and control. Authorities and persons in charge at the worksite can use this domestic hand-held scanner in worksite inspections. The scanner is specifically designed to endure the conditions in Finland. You can use the hand-held scanner to check contractor’s obligations and other relating data for the people present at the site.

If HR has entered certificates that are required for the worker, the system gives an alarm, if the certificates are missing or expired. This alarm is automatically given also when going through the access gates. With the hand-held scanner, you can enter any occupational safety violations you observe at the worksite directly to the personnel data systems.

The hand-held scanner is also suited to vehicle inspections and warehouse inventories.