Automatic identification system tested in an orienteering competition

The automatic identification and camera monitoring system Fidera ID was literally put to test in the field, when the service was used in a regional orienteering competition for children and youth. The competition was organised by Turun Suunnistajat, and it was held in Raisio. This test is an example of Fidera Oy’s long-term development efforts that include testing and using Fidera ID tags in different situations and environments. Our purpose is to test the solution both in real-life situations, and in new and potential environments.

Fidera henkilötunniste videovalvontaFidera’s Mikko Jalonen tells the technician of Turun Suunnistajat about the operating principle of Fidera ID service at the start area.

“In this orienteering competition, we pilot tested automatic identifiers based on which the participants are detected in the field. Another goal was to test how the identifiers can be linked with the video footage received. We were also exploring the possibility of using these identifiers to support the result service system”, explains Fidera’s partner and orienteering enthusiast Mikko Jalonen. According to Jalonen, technology companies must constantly develop their services. Any opportunities to test them with real data are crucial in the development process.

Does the automatic identification system enable results and video monitoring in real-time?

“I know that our technology service is flexible and suitable for many purposes. The only limit is our imagination. That is why we test our services in new environments. I believe our customers come up with such purposes for our services that we haven’t even considered yet”, explains Fidera’s Managing Director Martti Kuutti. He has been closely following the testing procedures.

Over one hundred contestants participated in the orienteering event, and each of them had two Fidera ID tags in their contestant numbers. Two separate tags ensured that the readers detected the participants in every situation.

Fidera henkilötunnisteet
Fidera ID tags were placed in the contestant numbers.

The purpose of the test was to detect and identify persons in a mass event and to link the sightings of a person with video footage.

“We had placed cameras and reader devices at the start, at one of the control points in the woods and at the finish line. We received a lot of data from the test, and it helps us to develop our service, so that it might be used, for example, in some popular running event. What if Fidera’s service provided you with a real-time information on your friend’s progress in New York City Marathon! You would receive both the times and video footage along the marathon route”, envisions Kuutti.

Fidera automaattinen henkilövalvonta
Reader registers and records the start for each participant. The device was powered by a tractor battery.

“Naturally, we also tested other factors during the day. We tested, how Fidera’s technology could be installed in the field and how the data is collected wirelessly from the field to Fidera’s servers”, continues Kuutti. “As a bonus, we got to test how to perform a temporary installation in a location with no electricity.”

The readers at the start and at the control point were in locations with no electricity available.

“We tried different battery solutions and finally chose to use a battery from a tractor. That functioned perfectly”, reveals Kuutti.

Development projects have significant roles for technology companies

Fidera Oy’s personnel has decades worth of experience in communications, technology and construction industries. A wide partner network within technology and construction industries ensures diverse testing and implementation possibilities. However, as the orienteering test highlights, meaningful pilots can also emerge from individual interests.

“Our services have been developed in Finland, and they are meant to perform perfectly in the harsh conditions faced in Finland. Maybe the most important reason for the test in an orienteering competition was to put our service to test in actual field conditions. Now we are happy to confirm that the solution performs also in natural environment”, says Jalonen.

Fidera’s products have been developed for sites, where the access to and from the site must be controlled with different systems. Fidera’s customers include both organisations providing security and protection services, and also end users who require practical monitoring.

“During the orienteering competition, the monitoring and automatic identification were used for result and video service. Still, in order to become a definitive result service, our solution has some way to go”, concludes Jalonen.

Automaattinen henkilötunniste ja videovalvonta
Fidera’s Tommi Leino presents testing phases to Fidera’s Martti Kuutti and the representative of Turun Suunnistajat.