Personnel tracking

“Nine Persons Identified” : Fidera ID personnel tracking identifies personnel automatically at the site, and no separate signing in or out is needed. It also helps you to fulfill the requirements of Contractor’s Obligations and Liability, for example.

Fidera ID is an automatic personnel tracking system, and it is the most versatile in the market. When compared to conventional access control systems, Fidera ID is more effective, faster and more versatile.

Our programme and service solution is the only one that offers customers a single monitoring and tracking system for monitoring personnel, contractors, tools, machinery, equipment and services. Automated Fidera ID access control system can be connected to video monitoring, which expands its application possibilities even further.

If needed, the system can be easily integrated with customer’s existing operations control systems, HR management systems or other data systems either partially or fully, or simply by importing and exporting data.

Fidera’s solution is available on a turnkey basis or as a customized product package to complement existing surveillance camera systems or work time monitoring systems. Our business models are flexible and tailored according to the specific needs of target markets or industry.

Personnel and material identification with 100% accuracy

Fidera’s personnel and asset tracking system identifies both personnel and materials with 100% accuracy. The identification system has been tested and verified since 2014 in real worksite conditions, and it has been developed based on user feedback.

Our outdoor devices have been designed to withstand harsh worksites and weather conditions in Finland, which means that the devices last longer than usual. Additionally, our system complies with the Finnish legislation, and is part of official programmes that try to prevent grey economy. The system is developed together with Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy.

When purchasing and operating Fidera’s devices and background systems, you don’t have to pay more than what you would for a conventional system, and still you get more functions. This is possible thanks to our effective partner network, Finnish product development and careful selection of component manufacturers.

Remote personnel tracking speeds up the signing in or out process and improves occupational safety

In conventional access control systems, when signing in or out, the person places his or her access card against the reader and presses the button. FideraID identifies the person automatically, so the signing in or out also happens automatically. The person can drive to the worksite without stopping at the gate or stepping out from the vehicle. This speeds up the signing in or out process and prevents queues.

The background system can be updated with any data, such as personnel’s competencies, specialisation, permits and their validity, as well as access rights. Access to the worksite can be prevented from a certain person, or an alarm can be given, if the required permit has expired.

Similarly, you can enter information about the materials, equipment and tools used, as well as their properties, maintenance, installation sites or even operating areas subject to authorisation. Once the information has been recorded in the system, it gives an automatic alarm, if someone tries to enter an area without an authorisation. This is a prerequisite in worksites, where a high level of safety must be maintained. One example of such a place is a nuclear power plant.

Fidera ID henkilövalvonta
Fidera ID personnel tracking offers automatic access control for both the personnel and equipment. When connected to background systems, permits, certificates, maintenance, contractor’s obligations and the invoicing of subcontractors, for instance, can be reliably monitored.

Personnel tracking integrated with work time monitoring brings significant savings

Access gates are placed throughout the worksite, and just by walking through them, the personnel is automatically signed in at the worksite or signed out for coffee and lunch breaks. Work time monitoring based on the actual time spent at the worksite can bring significant annual savings to the employer, and improve the cost-efficiency at the worksite. At the same time, the employees can make sure that they take breaks according to the Collective Agreement.

Personnel tracking makes the monitoring of subcontractor’s invoicing more efficient

Invoiced overtime is history! With the system, you can document and report subcontractors’ access to and from the worksite. Invoices are easier to control, and invoicing is based on the actual working hours spent at the worksite. Subcontractors’ hourly invoices can be compared with the actual time that their representatives have spent at the worksite.

Legislation requires that detailed information on the movements of personnel and material at the worksite must be gathered and reported periodically to the Tax Administration. Fidera’s solution keeps the reports always up to date and ready to be sent to authorities. With the optional mobile terminal that can be integrated in the system, you can easily complete a surveillance round or edit data for personnel, materials or machinery.

Our hand-held scanner designed for outdoors helps you to verify personnel’s permits in the field via mobile network – no other devices are needed.

Personnel tracking + asset tracking + video monitoring = product protection

Integrated with tool and asset tracking, our solution enables you to monitor key production equipment and their movements at the worksite. This reduces the time spent on searching for misplaced tools and minimizes downtime caused by required tools missing from the worksite.

You can ensure that only authorised persons are moving the tools. It is also easy to find out, who was the last person to move tools from their storage. In this way, you can easily trace missing material.

Additionally, you can integrate product protection with our solution. The system gives an alarm, if something is taken through the access gate either by a person without an ID card or authorisation to move the tool. The system supports almost an unlimited amount of tags that differ in type, price range and application. These tags can be attached to numerous places, such as machines, equipment, materials, people and vehicles.

Trace unauthorised persons with video monitoring

A conventional access control system does not recognise, whether unauthorised persons are moving at the worksite. It does not prevent thefts or allow reviewing video footage based on tags. The video monitoring system with person identification can be integrated with Fidera’s solution. It detects and gives an alarm, if there is a mismatch between the number of persons entering the site and remotely read ID cards.

The system includes multiple cameras and detects unauthorised persons, also when they have accessed the worksite in a vehicle.

Fidera ID henkilövalvonta
With readers and cameras placed throughout the site, unauthorised persons accessing the area in vehicles, for example, can be detected.

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