Asset tracking

Tagging work and production equipment at the site helps to trace and protect important property.

Asset tracking gives real time information on where the worksite’s production equipment and materials are at any given time. Asset tracking increases the competitiveness of the company, and enhances the operations at the workplace. Time is not wasted in searching for missing tools, and losses are minimized. The same applies in construction sites, offices, production facilities, workshops or even logistics centres.

Fidera’s asset tracking prevents thefts of products and materials from happening.  When you integrate video monitoring with the system, you can monitor the usage of resources, losses and possible thefts, and compare the information with the access data of your worksite. Often just notifying the personnel of the site’s asset tracking prevents thefts and minimizes production delays due to losses.

Asset tracking: real time monitoring of tools and equipment

Fidera ID solution allows you to track and monitor in real time the location of key tools and equipment at the worksite, office or production facility.

You can easily check from the background system, if a certain tool is in the storage, who has moved it from the storage last, and where the tool has been spotted last. You can also receive an alert, if someone is taking a crucial tool out of the site in the middle of the working day.

Fidera’s solution helps preventing downtime caused by missing equipment.

Asset tracking is also suited to vehicle monitoring

Tags attached to vehicles speed up the logistics and make it easier to bring materials and equipment to a closed site. Fidera’s solution recognises access passes attached to vehicles, and opens the gate automatically, when the vehicle has entered the detection zone of the reader. Identification based on registration number is also possible.

This eliminates the need for time-consuming stops, and transporting material becomes easier. The driver’s access pass is automatically checked at the same time, so he or she doesn’t have to leave the vehicle and, for example, sign in at the worksite.

With vehicle monitoring, the availability data of vehicles used by the worksite, logistics centre or an office are always up to date. Video monitoring has been integrated in the system in the beginning of 2016, which means that registration numbers can be automatically identified and linked to the automatic access control system.

The system can be utilised in every site, where the access pass attached to a vehicle either opens the gate or ensures the traceability of the vehicle.

By tagging your most important assets with Fidera ID tags, you can check, who has moved them last, or where they have been spotted last. Valuable time is no longer wasted in searching for lost materials.

Warehouse management, material tracking and automatic inventory

Up-to-date warehouse management simplifies the workflow, whether you need to know how long a cement sack lasts, or if there is enough copying paper. The system can be integrated with existing warehouse management systems, or it can be used to directly monitor the current status of the warehouse.

With the help of Fidera’s systems, you can monitor the availability of key production materials for certain projects and tasks. Materials and tools can be permanently logged for the worksite or facility, so that any attempt to move them will always trigger an alarm.

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