References and customers

We have developed our diverse services in close collaboration with our pilot clients. This collaboration has helped us to provide worksites with tailor-made solutions that meet the needs set by Finnish legislation and conditions. Because our technology, service and integrated devices are Finnish, they endure the harsh and changing conditions we face in Finland.

Our customers have requested features that no other service can offer in a single solution. With Fidera Oy’s solution, you can manage personnel and the hours worked, monitor access reports, comply with the obligations set in the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act, perform video monitoring and access control, and receive real time information on warehouse inventories, as well as on the locations and amounts of tools and vehicles. All this with just one system! Our system also fights against grey economy and communicates with the services of the Tax Administration.

Happy customers and high-quality service are at the heart of our business

One of Fidera’s values is good service that is of the highest quality. The fact that our solutions have expanded organically, when satisfied customers have recommended them to their interest groups, is a clear proof of customer satisfaction.

Our customer sites, customers and Fidera’s scalable solutions are explained in more detail in the news published on our website.

Fidera’s scalable solution tailored for the customer’s needs

As our product development is customer-driven, Fidera can provide a solution that is scalable and adaptable according to customers’ actual needs. The solution or parts of it can be cost-efficiently utilised anywhere, be it a compact location or a huge construction site. As such, Fidera’s solution is a profitable investment also for monitoring more compact sites.

Fidera provides its customers an expanded Internet of Things  service, where materials and people connect in real time. The automatic access control and asset tracking system together with video monitoring ensures that our service can be used in multiple sectors.

Customer references

From early on, Fidera’s services have been developed in collaboration with leading organisations in Finland.

Fidera’s service is used in many Länsimetro’s worksites, where it takes care of automatic access control with access gates. Länsimetro and its complex, versatile and long-term worksites have been one of Fidera’s most important pilot customer sites.

    • In the metro station at Lauttasaari, Helsinki (Skanska), Fidera’s solution was used in a broad and diverse manner. The automatic registration number identification integrated with camera monitoring helped to identify vehicles. The persons inside the vehicles were signed in and out with their personal tags, and they didn’t have to separately clock in or out at the worksite. The system utilised the following properties of Fidera: personnel access control, asset tracking, hand-held scanner for identifying persons at the worksite, camera monitoring and registration number identification.
    • In the metro station at Otaniemi, Espoo (YIT), Fidera’s solution has been used in personnel access control. It is integrated with a hand-held scanner for identifying persons and, for instance, checking required certificates and permits at the worksite. The solution is about to expand in asset and vehicle tracking.
    • In the metro station at Soukka, Espoo (Skanska), the customer has utilised Fidera’s camera monitoring and personnel access control.
    • In the school and high school renovation project at Tapiola, Espoo (Peab), the customer chose to use Fidera’s camera monitoring and personnel access control.
    • In a renovation project of a multistorey building (Etelä-Suomen Rakennustaito Oy) in the middle of Helsinki, Fidera’s solution was used for personnel access control and compiling tax reports.

Fidera operates also in other fields – apply to become our pilot customer

Fidera’s first pilot customers have been large construction sites and projects. Based on our customers’ recommendations, our service has also been used in other sectors.

If you are considering access control, video monitoring system or asset tracking in some of your sites, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our flexible and affordable pilot customership.